After recent made for TV meltdowns, Governor Whitmer (D) of Michigan is finding herself all alone in the world. With high hopes of a Vice Presidential run with Joe Biden, democratic underdog in this year’s presidential election, Whitmer has created a kind of bizarre media circus surrounding COVID-19. By banning the sale of seeds only at certain stores, boating but only with a motor, and many other strange restrictions.

“It seemed less about public safety, and more about banning fun,” said B, and anonymous supporter of the American Patriot Rally. “How can a boat motor spread a virus?”

Amidst all the controversy, Whitmer’s erratic behavior is beginning to show the truth behind the executive orders she’s keeps referring to as laws.

“I don’t particularly want to see people congregating, period. We know that contributes to spread, but if people are going to come down and demonstrate, do it in a responsible way. That’s what we ask.”

Those don’t sound much like the words of someone confident in what she’s saying. “I don’t particularly want to see,” and “that’s what we ask,” sound much more like suggestions than laws. …And Michiganders are taking notice. Businesses continue to open and arrest threats continue to lose their power.