May 30 -“People in communities of color across the nation and right here in Michigan are feeling a sense of exhaustion and desperation.” A line in the press release by Michigan Governor, Sunday.

Gretchen Whitmer, after railing against peaceful protests such as the American Patriot Rallies and others in past weeks, is now encouraging BLM riots like the one in Grand Rapids on May 29th.



Michiganders are livid over the remarks. Whitmer has taken many actions against civil liberties. Her seemingly bi-polar behavior has been bizarre to say the least. She will stop at nothing to stop Karl Manke from opening his small, privately owned barbershop in Owosso, including using Michigan’s licensing and regulatory affairs office (which is closed to the public) as an arm of law enforcement. Whitmer lost a battle in court to shut Manke down. She instructed State Police to ticket people for giving haircuts at the capital protest on May 15. Now she speaks out in favor of the riots.

“It’s time to unite people,” said Ryan Kelley, a civil liberties leader from Allendale, “not divide. Taking sides the way the governor does, only creates division.” Kelley is one of the organizers of the American Patriot Rallies.

Bill H, of Buckley said, “It’s ok to stand up together for freedom. We have the same problems, let’s fix them.” Bill is a long standing freedom fighter and community organizer.

It can be seen clearly that the governor has left any concern for the safety of Michiganders behind in the pursuit of political power. No matter which side of the aisle you stand on in Michigan, the danger to freedom is real.

A Closer, reporting for the American Patriot Press