Livingston County

As more and more Michiganders seem to be laughing in the face of Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her bizarre executive orders, a voice of reason comes from Livingston county.

Two weeks ago, Livingston County Sheriff Mike Murphy, like many others, publicly stated that he and his officers would not be enforcing any executive orders.

He was berated by the media over this. Many accused him of breaking the law among other accusations. Whitmer’s band of false witnesses was hard at work once again.

This week the sheriff spoke out once more, to lay rest to any of the rumors surrounding, both his decisions and his authority to make the decision.

“When we get back to normal, whenever that is, all of these cases, all of these executive order violations, are going to be dismissed.” Murphy said, “it’s going to be just like marijuana. Once marijuana became legal, everything in the system, all those cases were dismissed.”

Murphy said he was making the statement to explain his position. “You may not agree,, but hopefully you’ll understand”

Livingston County is located in southeast Michigan, where pressure has been the highest to adhere to executive orders. Many are calling Murphy and other Sheriffs American heroes for taking their stands.