A heavily left-leaning satanist group Daemon’s Kiss, has taken up the cause for Whitmer and company, starting a campaign calling for people to “troll the event”, and bring “every other flag besides and American one”. The American Patriot Rally organizers have been known for asking attendees to brandish only American Flags.

“This isn’t about political parties,” says organizer, Ryan Kelley, “it’s about freedom.”

The page itself, littered with satanic images of blood, carnage and other shockingly dark imagery, has shared the American Patriot Rally event for Monday May 18, twice, telling followers to sabotage the event. Kylie Conklin, a self proclaimed anarchist leader (yes we see the irony) has shared the event on Facebook several times, asking friends to “meet up and do something” at the rally. Another man who runs in this circle, who goes by James Warren Wilson ll, commented “will someone just kill these f***ing losers? I’m sick of them breathing”.

It is not entirely clear how these satanist groups found the American Patriot Rally, but it’s clear they’re on a mission to slander them.

“This is nothing new,” says Jason Howland, American Patriot Rally organizer, “there were leftist plants at the last rally too. You can tell because they keep to themselves making visible their overtly racist signs or violent, over the top messaging wherever there is a camera. My guess is these people are just more of those.”

The organizers seem basically unfazed by the attacks, and it is not clear if the Daemon’s kiss group is another paid counter-protest group, but it’s clear their intent is to shed a negative light on the American Patriot Rally.

—A. Closer

Examples of the photos posted by the group “Daemon’s Kiss” are below. Please be aware they are not appropriate for all audiences.

To be clear – these images are not from American Patriot Rally, which condemns their content. We are only showing them as examples of what kind of resistance has aligned with Whitmer against American Patriot Rally.