Lansing Michigan- It’s no secret the Whitmer Administration in Michigan has been a constant thorn in the side of Michigan residents wanting to protect their civil liberties. Now, Attorney General Dana Nessel has come forward confirming what many Michigander’s are concerned about. It seems some of Michigan’s elected officials don’t care about protecting the civil liberties of Michigan’s nearly 10 million residents. Here’s what AG Nessel said:

“You have to weigh and balance the health risk against people’s first amendment rights.”

The statement came during an interview with MSNBC. This, the same interview in which she stated while laughing  “nobody has a first amendment right to get a haircut.” This statement has called into question the Attorney General’s knowledge of the Constitution. The statement was made in reference to a protest last Thursday on the capitol lawn where many people showed up to get a haircut by qualified barbers and stylists. Nessel brazenly ordered State Police to ticket the stylists and barbers, in spite of their first amendment right to protest. She mused that, “It’s not like they’re sitting around TALKING about getting haircuts.” Implying that free speech did not apply, and ignoring the right to peaceably assemble. Constitutionalists site the protest as first amendment, but the citations that various barbers and cosmetologists from around the state received, are a violation of the 14th amendment. Many have stated they are under attack by the administration.

Much of the controversy has brought forth questions from law enforcement officials. They are concerned that by acting against the Constitution they could now be found liable for up to 3x the damages incurred by the unlawful acts they are being ordered to enforce, should they be taken to court. Many are also concerned about criminal charges.

“Those concerns may not be unfounded.” says civil liberties leader and activist, Jason Howland, “More and more citizens are talking about justice, and with public opinion comes action.”

All this amid a constitutional nightmare in the state, including highly totalitarian executive orders from the governor.

A. Closer, reporting for American Patriot Press