We recently witnessed two protests in Lansing that have been covered by phony, agenda-driven news reports. What they have failed to report is that there was not one ticket issued, not one act of violence, or property destruction at either event in Lansing. Trash was nowhere to be found and the armed Militia, Police officers and SWAT team were respectful toward each other.

Contrast that with the Antifa protests that leave a city in destruction, violence, lawlessness, and littered with graffiti and trash. A complete opposite picture of the protests in Lansing was witnessed, with the armed Militia helping to keep the peace by keeping the violent lawbreakers, like Antifa, out.

But who exactly is the Militia and why does the national news try to discredit them with phony news reports? The Militia is a patch-work of law-abiding (often ex-military or ex-police) unorganized, well-regulated, and independent Citizens whose foundation is based on the Constitution of Michigan and the Constitution of the United States.

“A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” [US Constitution Amendment 2].

“Every person has a right to keep and bear arms for the defense of himself and the State.” [Michigan Constitution, Article 1, Section 6].

The militia shall be organized, equipped and disciplined as provided by law. Michigan Constitution. 1963, Art. III, § 4

In the simplest form, Militia members are “sheepdogs.” What I mean by that is, the Militia protects the innocent sheep from the ravenous wolves in positions of power, seeking to destroy them. They exist to protect the constitutional rights of the citizens in Michigan when the elected and established government ceases to do so.

Therefore, if you are a law-abiding citizen you have nothing to fear from the Militia. They exist for the purpose of protecting and defending our rights as spelled out in the Constitution.

The Constitution is the law of the land and the Constitution is what the Militia is there to protect. Every elected official in Michigan swears an oath to defend and protect the Constitution as written. So, when these elected officials abdicate their oath and fail to uphold the Constitution, the Militia is there to step in and protect citizens against the government overreach, as defined in the Constitution.

We saw this play out recently when the Militia stepped in and protected a 77-year-old barber in Owosso from the State Police who were trying to arrest him, acting on Governor Whitmer’s now defunct orders. The Governor, Attorney General and the State Police are attempting to enforce these defunct executive orders, in violation of the barber’s constitutional rights. This gross violation of her power is called acting under the “Color of Law.”

Color of Law, as opposed to the Rule of Law, refers to an appearance of legal power to act that operates in violation of the law. For example, if a police officer acts with the “color of law” authority to arrest someone, the arrest, if it is made without probable cause, is actually in violation of the law.

Another recent example of this gross negligence and intentional violation of our rights as citizens is the phony “Russia Collusion” hoax and the unlawful attack on General Flynn. The corrupt FBI, CIA, and DOJ, acting under the “color of law” actually were in violation of General Flynn’s rights. He has been completely exonerated, but the process took over two years, two million dollars, and it took a President who is committed to protecting its citizens.

Now that the FBI, has been exposed for setting up and framing individuals like General Flynn, one must wonder who else they (FBI, CIA, DOJ, etc.) have set up in the past? Timothy McVeigh, WACO, and Elian Gonzalez come to mind. Remember Elian, the 6-year old little boy whose house was raided in the early morning to forcibly remove him from his home? Now, that sounds familiar! Think Michael Cohen, Roger Stone, etc.

Remember that most of the members in militia groups are ex-police or ex-military. They are very honorable and tough men. The swastika and noose were clearly displayed on signs showing that it is Governor Whitmer’s unlawful and oppressive actions that are reminiscent of Nazi Germany at the beginning of WWII. Others were there for other “non-Militia” reasons. Just wait and see, I bet you see the same guy holding his Confederate flag at the next event on Monday at Rosa Park Circle. He is NOT one of the Militia. He is likely an Anitfa type agitator.

I agree, the Militia can be a scary looking group and they can be intimidating. But, remember, if you are a law-abiding citizen or an elected official who is defending the Constitution, you have absolutely nothing to fear. Only the law-breakers and elected officials who trample our Constitution should be afraid. These “sheepdogs” protect the sheep and they will attack the wolves when necessary.

We need more honorable men like these Militias. They are good, strong, and dangerous. Notice I started that sentence with the word “good.” We need them in today’s political environment where the Constitution and protecting our natural rights, seems to be trampled on and ignored as something to “get around” as opposed to something to defend. We cannot allow this to happen on our watch. For what we allow, we tacitly approve.

Finally, no one has pointed out that banning guns from the capitol means nothing to someone with criminal intent. Our State police with guns can’t be everywhere, every time. Thank you, fellow Militia members, for standing in the gap and for helping secure our Constitution.

Eric Baker is a current militia member with the Michigan Home Guard. He was a Staff Sgt in the USAF, serving 6 years defending our country and the Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. He was deployed during OEF/OIF(Operation Enduring freedom/Operation Iraqi freedom). He is a disabled veteran but, even with his disabilities still continues to defend our constitutional rights as a militia member. He thinks it is our right and responsibility to protect, even those who are against us, the Constitution of the USA as well as the Constitution of Michigan from all enemies as well as serving our communities during times of need.

Best Regards,

– American Patriots