Friday Chappaqua, New York

Hillary Clinton joined the fight to keep oppression alive in Michigan on Friday, tweeting:

“Armed men storming a legislature to disrupt its democratic proceedings is domestic terrorism. It can’t be tolerated.”

This is Hillary’s comment on an already debunked article from The article said that the “Good Americans” (as The President called the Michigan residents in an earlier press conference) “stormed the capital” during the American Patriot Rally, claiming they illegally put the capital under siege.

No laws were broken as rally goers took peaceful civil uprising to the next level. Working with state police to get inside the Capitol, they swayed the vote in favor of the people.

“The Rally was organized with one mission…” according to Jason Howland, an organizer, “a ”NO” vote from the legislature on extending the state of emergency declaration in Michigan!” Howland was inside the capital and witness to the cooperation between rally attendees and State Police. “We all had our temperature taken and were let in by state police then given directions on where to go. Some of the police were even taking pictures with some of the militia men.”

Militia members pose with State police inside capital in a show of solidarity.

“The list of Dems putting their foot in their mouth over this event is growing more astonishing by the hour, it seems.” says Ryan Kelley, of the American Patriot Rally Organization team. “We’ve heard some wild stories even as we continue to debunk the rumors from every direction.” Ryan is an upstanding part of the community and one of those involved in a well-thought-out plan to speak with Sarah Anthony, a Michigan Democratic State Rep who stated that the organizers of the rally were white supremacists.
Anthony defied the Democratic Party’s “no guns image” and brought armed citizens to the capital as “defense” against who she mistakenly called white supremacists early last week. The whole thing was a misunderstanding and Anthony’s security is now in positive communication with the Michigan Liberty Militia, who is the security force for the American Patriot Rally.

“It’s awesome, all the love we’re getting from everyone,” Said Phil R., security head for the rally.

As the list of misinformed Dems grows, the question must be asked: “Are the democrats losing touch with the people so much so that the information that the average American has had access to for weeks is out of reach for them?”

It is notable that the photo used in the errant article actually depicts the same man in the now viral photo posing with police.

We reached out to Hillary for comment on the gaf, but she has not responded

A. Closer, reporting for AmericanPatiotPress